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Napkin 4.Ever Pencil - Pininfarina

Napkin 4.Ever Pencil - Pininfarina
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Napkin Pencils are a modern, outward-looking Italian manufacturer of a truly pioneering brand of pencil. Their central premise is, "If it were a pen, it would write infinite words, if it were a pencil, it could draw any possible shape, without limits." Indeed, much like their compatriotic luxury car producers and high end-clothing designers, Napkin have truly developed a range of unique and must-have items in the market.

The 4. EVER Pininfarina Cambiano is the everlasting writing instrument. The tip in Ethhergraph is a special metal alloy, allowing the user to write indefinitely with no ink and no refill. This revolutionary pencil is born from the collaboration between Pininifarina and Napkin and is completely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen. It has a precise stroke like a pencil but cannot be erased like the one traced by a pen.

Pininfarina communicates to the writing instrument a strong stylistic identity able to enhance the technological tool. Taking inspiration from the Cambiano concept car, elegant and essential lines have been created that, thanks to the combination of innovative and classical material, as the Aluminium and the word, confer a unique character to the object.