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Napkin 4.Ever Pencil - Blue

Napkin 4.Ever Pencil - Blue
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Napkin Pencils are a modern, outward-looking Italian manufacturer of a truly pioneering brand of pencil. Their central premise is, "If it were a pen, it would write infinite words, if it were a pencil, it could draw any possible shape, without limits." Indeed, much like their compatriotic luxury car producers and high end-clothing designers, Napkin have truly developed a range of unique and must-have items in the market.

The Napkin 4. EVER pencil is a revolutionary writing tool based on an old and captivating technique. Its elegantly shaped body has a special Ethergraf tip, a patented metal alloy, for definite pencil-like strokes without the need to ever refill.

Beautifully handmade in Italy and designed by Sergio Mori, the 4. EVER pencil is presented in a wonderful giftbox that accentuates its sleek and modern design. It boasts a strong Aluminium body, has a length of 170mm and weighs 55g.